Announcement of 2020 Churchill Fellows

Announcement of 2020 Churchill Fellows

"I’m delighted to announce our 2020 Fellows who, as ever, are an extraordinary group of individuals whose passions will take them right around the world over the next 12 months." - Julia Weston, Chief Executive

Churchill Fellowship Chief Executive Julia Weston
"Through their travels and their ongoing work, our Fellows create links around the world connecting the UK to other countries, and other countries to each other, sharing ideas and perspectives as they go." - Julia Weston, Chief Executive

They will be investigating a wide range of subjects of great relevance to all aspects of UK society, everything from strategies for the prevention of domestic violence to tackling climate change and the use of robots in schools and so many more.

Between them they will be travelling to 50 countries ranging from the USA to Australia and Fiji to The Faroe Islands, seeking new approaches and different perspectives. Their journeys will be a two-way exchange of ideas, and many will result in long-term relationships and collaborations, as Fellows start to make change and implement their recommendations on their return to the UK.

Having first met in the rather formal environment of an interview, we are looking forward to seeing the new Fellows again as we bring them together to meet each other at our induction seminars throughout March.  We then have the pleasure of following their journeys as they blossom and flourish, becoming confident practitioners and thought leaders in their chosen fields.

On a personal level, I can’t wait to see what they all come back with and - perhaps more importantly - what changes they will go on to make, to strengthen society across all four nations of the UK. My expectations are always high and always exceeded.

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The views and opinions expressed by any Fellow are those of the Fellow and not of the Churchill Fellowship or its partners, which have no responsibility or liability for any part of them.

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