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Arts and culture

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This theme covers all aspects of the arts, crafts and creative industries, including their social, cultural and economic aspects. It is one of the eight universal themes which form our grantmaking framework and allow us to address every aspect of society. Fellows’ stories

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Churchill Fellow Ian Thomas

Fellows' updates June 2022 Fellows' update: Ian Thomas

Retired charity director Ian Thomas (CF 2008) was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for 2022 in respect of his long term services to the science and profession of geology. He was also awarded an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying. Ian’s Fellowship explored sustainable traditional stonecraft training in a modern context.

By Ian Thomas, 2022

Churchill Fellow Kate Willard

Fellows' updates April 2022 Fellows' update: Kate CL Willard

Infrastructure consultant Kate CL Willard OBE (1989) has been appointed as one of three new experts to the National Infrastructure Commission this month. The Commission carries out in-depth studies into the UK’s major infrastructure needs and makes recommendations to the government.

By Kate CL Willard, 2022