Covid-19 learnings from Fellows' projects

Covid-19 learnings from Fellows' projects

Key lessons from Fellows’ work during the pandemic are published today in our latest report and film.

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Churchill Fellow Helen Minnis sat on a sofa smiling at the camera

These have been compiled from reflections from Churchill Fellows working in a host of areas, from healthcare to food banks to employment and more. All received a grant from our Covid-19 Action Fund to run vital projects at this time.

Fellows have learned key lessons from this period, which are explored in the report. These include ways to move faster and more effectively than before, to embrace change and to overcome complex challenges. Crucially, Fellows speak about the advantages of their own particular model for change - as highly motivated individuals who operate on the frontline of their issues, close to those they wish to support, with a constant feedback loop of practical learning.

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All of them are still working on the frontline, and the pandemic is still ongoing, so this is necessarily an interim report. But it offers a snapshot of how they have adapted and what they have learnt during this unprecedented emergency.

Fellows’ work on Covid-19 in many areas of society can be read here. Donations to the Covid-19 Action Fund can be made here.


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