About this theme

This theme covers topics relating to new approaches to housing provision, design and opportunities for those excluded from the housing market. Many Fellows have undertaken projects addressing this over the years including as part of our recent programme of Fellowships on housing, developed in partnership with the National Housing Federation in 2016-2018.

Fellows' updates June 2023 Fellow's update: Joanne McGrath

Progression Coach, Joanne McGrath (CF 2017), published the second paper from her PhD. Her paper is about how women with multiple disadvantage (homelessness, substance use, poor mental health) are often subject to both stigma in society and stigmatising interactions with services. In the case of women involved in the family courts system, rates of child removal are far higher in economically disadvantaged areas. Joanne explores women's experiences of losing custody of their children and highlight how stigma has shaped these experiences. Find out more here.

By Joanne McGrath, 2023

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