Climate change

Climate change

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This theme covers topics relating to minimising climate change and adapting to its effects. It is one of our current programmes for Fellowships, launched in 2023, and has been developed in consultation with our Environment working group. Fellows’ stories.

Fellows' updates August 2023 Fellow update: Leanne Werner

Leanne Werner (CF 2023) has featured in her local newspaper, Southwark News, which outlines how she will be visiting Canada and the USA to explore agricultural techniques. This will include green roofs in Toronto and 'agricultural hoods' in Detroit. Leanne is concerned that we will see food shortages at some point in the near future and as co-founder of urban growing organisation Wilder, she aims to find solutions. In the article Leanne discusses some of the issues affecting food growth such as pesticide use, climate change and the war in Ukraine. On a local level she advocates that Southwark Council should commit to growing ten per cent of the food it consumes, possibly using the techniques used in the cities she visits.

By Leanne Werner, 2023

Henry McGhie

Fellows' updates June 2023 Fellow's update: Henry McGhie

Principal/Director Henry McGhie (CF 2020) was awarded an outreach grant from the British Ecological Society (£1,900) for design costs for an open-access guide on the new Global Biodiversity Framework. He has also joined the steering committee of the UK Alliance for Disaster Research (UK-ADR), which aims to promote partnerships and collaborations for Disaster Risk Reduction. Henry also made a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights, who had a call out on culture and cultural rights in sustainable development. He also made a submission to the UN inquiry on progress on the Paris Agreement, called the Global Stocktake, to make recommendations on how to accelerate and scale-up climate action. Henry presented a poster at the UN Climate Change conference in Bonn, Empowering Museums to Empower Others through ACE.

By Henry McGhie, 2023

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