July 2023 Fellow update: Nicole Devlin

July 2023 Fellow update: Nicole Devlin

Nicole Devlin (CF 2023) has featured in the Belfast Telegraph. Tyrone based Nicole is visiting the USA to find out how violence prevention programmes can be adopted in Northern Ireland. The article states that Nicole was motivated by hearing about the stories of women who have died in the country as a result of violence. Northern Ireland’s femicide rate is among the worst in Europe.

Nicole will be learning about the Coaching Boys Into Men programme, which is run by the US-based Futures Without Violence organisation. She says: "We need to change these attitudes and behaviour from very early on if we are to see a cultural shift in tackling misogyny and reducing violence against women.”

Though the initiative is global, it has not been established in Europe so far. She also explains how her PhD work ties in with her Fellowship project.


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