July 2023 Fellow's update: Amara Nwosu

July 2023 Fellow's update: Amara Nwosu

Research Lead for Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool, Amara Nwosu (CF 2020), has been announced as the winner of the Culture for Innovation award of the North West Coast Research and Innovation Awards. The award was for the innovative work in the hospice which Amara is leading, to improve the delivery of palliative care research to improve patient care.

One of Amara's research posters “Caregiver views and expectations about the use of artificial hydration in the management of dying people with advanced cancer: a questionnaire study” won one of the ‘best abstract’ prizes at the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) World Congress.

He delivered a keynote talk, “Using technology, design and healthcare partnerships to research how digital information is managed after death” at the Digital Legacy Conference, which took place on 17 June during the EAPC World Congress.


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