£302,000 for Churchill Fellows to combat Covid-19

£302,000 for Churchill Fellows to combat Covid-19

Today we announce £302,000 of grants for 32 innovative projects led by Churchill Fellows that are combatting the effects of Covid-19 in multiple areas of UK life. These Covid-related projects provide emergency help or longer term recovery measures for a range of issues including school closures, domestic abuse, mental health, employment for young people, racial equality and many other key challenges.

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“We are proud to invest £302,000 in projects led by Churchill Fellows that are reducing the impact of Covid-19 across UK society. From helping community businesses, to protecting survivors of domestic abuse, to increasing support for mental health during the lockdown, Fellows’ contribution to the national effort against the pandemic is truly inspiring.” - Julia Weston, Chief Executive

Details of their projects can be found here:

This is the second round of grants from the Churchill Fellowship’s Covid-19 Action Fund, which was launched in April 2020. Round One in June awarded almost £155,000 to 21 urgent projects responding to the crisis phase of the pandemic. Round Two is supporting these and also longer-term projects that aid the UK’s social and economic recovery, reconstruction or future prevention. Together the two rounds have provided a total of £456,704 in funding to 53 Churchill Fellows. A third round of grants is planned for 2021.

Lessons learnt from the whole range of Fellows’ Covid-19 projects will be gathered by the Churchill Fellowship to create a national resource and knowledge bank of learnings and recommendations. This resource will be available for policy-makers and practitioners in many sectors as the UK starts to restore itself, build resilience and prevent future similar scenarios.


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