£399,000 of grants for Fellows’ Covid-19 projects

£399,000 of grants for Fellows’ Covid-19 projects

Today we announce £399,534 of grants for 45 projects led by Churchill Fellows that offer innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the pandemic, in a multitude of crucial areas such as education, mental health and employment.

Claire Legg (CF 2011) has been awarded a Covid-19 Action Fund grant to deliver creative workshops for individuals living with dementia. Photo credit: Roshana Rubin-Mayhew / Small Things Creative Projects Download 'Action Fund news item.jpg'

Details can be read here:

Grants Manager Katie Baldock said: “Throughout the pandemic, we have been impressed by the work that Churchill Fellows are doing to support those most impacted by this crisis. With this third round of grants, Fellows will continue to respond to current challenges along with testing new approaches that can be adopted permanently. These projects range widely, from supporting those affected by addiction to responding to the needs of disadvantaged children.”

This is the third round of grants from our Covid-19 Action Fund, which was launched in April 2020. To date the fund has provided a total of £1,072,070 in grants to 92 Churchill Fellows. We would like to thank all those individuals and partners who have generously supported the Covid 19 Action Fund, for their contribution to this work.

A preliminary report and film based on Fellows' learnings from the pandemic period can be viewed here. Further lessons will be gathered as the situation evolves, and made available to practitioners and policymakers in all sectors.


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