Annual survey reports 100% satisfaction rating from Fellows

Annual survey reports 100% satisfaction rating from Fellows

A remarkable 100% of Fellows would recommend the Fellowship programme to others, according to our latest annual survey. And 86% expect the positive impact of the Fellowship to continue throughout their life and career.

Every year we evaluate the impact of Fellowships with a detailed survey sent to Fellows at 1, 3 and 10 years after their research phase. The responses reveal how Fellows affect society through their activities and ideas.

Asked how many people had benefited from their Fellowship research, 56% reported a direct impact on more than 100 people, and 47% reported an indirect impact on more than 1,000 people. One Fellow said, “The project I implemented as part of the impact funding has had practical benefits for hundreds of children in schools already and I hope this number will increase as we continue to share our findings.”

How many people benefit from a Fellowship

The survey also showed that Fellows are influencing many levels of society with their global research. Some 79% of respondents reported benefits to the sector they worked in; 58% reported benefits to their community; whilst 40% reported that their work had impacted the development of UK-wide policy. And 98% of respondents said they have shared their Fellowship findings with others. One Fellow said, “Since completing my Fellowship I have presented at least five times per year, where I have devolved information about my findings to large audiences, which has then influenced their approach to trauma peer support.”

Who is influenced by a Fellow

A clear outcome of the Fellowship, as shown in the survey, is the impact it has on Fellows’ professional growth and their capacity to lead change. Of respondents, 93% reported a stronger and broader knowledge base as a result of their Fellowship; 86% reported an increase in their professional network; 77% reported increased confidence whilst 79% agreed they have the capacity to lead change. One Fellow said, “My Fellowship changed both my personal and professional life: when I began there was very little, if any, dementia support in rural areas, particularly the remote rural area where I live. We have now become a beacon of excellence and an example of how rural dementia should be addressed.”

Impact on Fellows’ personal and professional growth

It is clear from the survey that Fellows’ satisfaction with the Fellowship is high. 95% of respondents defined the Fellowship as “life-changing” and 100% said they would recommend the Fellowship to others. One Fellow said, “I can only be immeasurably grateful for the most life-changing learning opportunity I have ever had. I cannot overstate how affirming it is for ‘somebody like me’ to have my work valued.”

The survey was conducted by independent monitoring and evaluation specialists. It was sent to 241 Fellows who had completed their research 1, 3 and 10 years ago: 43 Fellows responded. Whilst the sample size is smaller than previous years, its results are consistent with previous surveys.

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