Churchill Fellowship launches new partnership with Coram

Launch of partnership with Coram and Hadley Trust

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with leading children’s charity Coram and grantmaker the Hadley Trust, to launch our new Fellowship theme on Children and young people with experience of care. On 28 June we hosted an evening reception to launch this new partnership.

Churchill Fellow Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang delivering a keynote speech
Churchill Fellow Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang (CF 2018) delivering a keynote speech at the launch event. Photo credit: Sam Mellish / Coram Download 'Coram_SM-2007.jpg'

Over 40 people attended this event from the care sector, which was hosted at the Coram campus in London. Churchill Fellow Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang delivered a keynote speech discussing the impact of his Fellowship and the recent opening of his new type of children’s home in south London. Guests also heard from Dr Carol Homden, CEO of Coram and our Chief Executive Julia Weston.

“We are launching this programme because it is clear that the need is growing and new approaches are required,” said Chief Executive Julia Weston. “The mission of the Fellows in this cohort will be to find new approaches to these urgent problems. They will learn from leading practitioners all over the world, and then develop robust, innovative practices and influence policy across the four nations of the UK.”

Chief Executive Julia Weston delivering a speech at the event
Chief Executive Julia Weston delivering a speech at the launch event. Photo credit: Sam Mellish / Coram Download 'Coram_SM-0119.jpg'

This Fellowship theme is focused on improving the lives and outcomes of children and young people with experience of care. This new programme will offer individuals the opportunity to discover new ideas and best practice from around the world and will support them to apply that learning and inspire change in children’s social care in the UK. The Fellowship programme will be open for the first year’s applications on 13 September – 22 November 2022 and will run for three years.

Coram is the UK's oldest children's charity and has been supporting vulnerable children for almost three centuries, since its creation as The Foundling Hospital in 1739. Today it is a group of specialist organisations helping more than a million children, young people, professionals and families every year. Coram will provide us with expertise and authority in this vital field, helping to recruit applicants and promote Fellows’ ideas and projects in the sector.

The Hadley Trust is a UK-based grantmaking charity which is supporting this theme financially. The Hadley Trust funds charities and programmes of work with the aim of improving the lives of people who are disadvantaged, mainly in the UK. It supports a number of charities, often on a long term basis. Within that broad remit, strategic areas of focus include looked after children and criminal justice.

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