Life under lockdown uncovered through new website

Life under lockdown uncovered through new website

First-person accounts of living through the current pandemic are being collected on a new online platform set up by Churchill Fellow Chloe Reeves (CF 2018).

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Our Covid Voices’ is a new website where people in the UK can share their experiences of life under lockdown. The aim of this new platform is to make it easy for people living with ongoing health needs to share how the pandemic has affected them. It has been launched via Chloe’s charity, National Voices, a coalition of around 160 health and social care charities in England.

Chloe has been analysing the stories of people who have underlying health conditions or who are disabled, to understand the implications that Covid-19 has had on health and social care services. National Voices has been using her insights to influence local and national health and social care policy.

Chloe says, “Decisions about how health and care services are provided during this period are impacting people’s everyday lives. We want to understand these implications and use these insights to influence decision makers to do more of the things that are working well and to address the things that aren’t working.”

She adds: “There are many stories about health and care that remain untold by the media and unheard by the people who make decisions on what health and care services look like now, and what they will look like after the pandemic.”

Chloe’s Fellowship explored new models of integrated health and social care, and her findings around the importance of person-centered care have helped to inform her current work.


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