New Advisory Council members join us

New Advisory Council members join us

We're delighted to announce that we have three new Advisory Council members who have just joined us. Each of them bring their own specialist skills and knowledge to help guide our development.

JOANNE BOSANQUET MBE Download 'Joanne Bosanquet'

Joanne is a Registered Nurse and qualified Public Health Nurse. Joanne’s career has provided a number of opportunities to develop a solid system-wide and dynamic approach to her leadership.

Joanne has held various positions at individual, community and population level and most recently moved into the charity sector to lead the Foundation of Nursing Studies. FoNS is a UK based charity that positions itself between research and practice, underpinned by theoretical frameworks in person-centred practice. FoNS works with nurses and their teams to establish good workplace cultures which in turn impacts on the experience of care.

Joanne’s particular focus is integrated health and care systems and how nurses and others can influence the quality of life for those in their care and fellow citizens and communities. At this macro level, there is also an opportunity for nursing to position itself across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Ambitious and achievable if all actors work together on a shared purpose of a fairer world and a reduction of inequalities.

Joanne says:

“I am truly honoured and delighted to be joining the Advisory Council for the Churchill Fellowship. There has never been a more pressing need for us to connect as global citizens and share our lived experienced for the greater good. I look forward to working alongside like minded colleagues and gaining as much knowledge as I share."

ANDREW ROWLAND (CF 2014) Download 'Andrew ROWLAND lecture'

Andrew is a Churchill Fellow and Consultant Paediatrician and subspecialist in Children’s Emergency Medicine. He is also Honorary Professor (Children’s Rights, Law, and Advocacy) at the University of Salford and Officer for Child Protection at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Having worked clinically as a Consultant in an Emergency Department for over a decade, Andrew now works in the community in Manchester undertaking assessments of children who are suspected of having been abused; working with children with experience of care; and undertaking initial health assessments of unaccompanied children seeking refuge, asylum, and protection in the UK.

Andrew has previously sat on Fellowship interview panels and helped us think about our health themes, as well as connecting us with the medical royal colleges to support the application campaign. He’s an excellent networker and has often mentored/supported new Fellows with their projects.

Andrew says:

“It really is an honour to be joining the Advisory Council of the Churchill Fellowship – an organisation I have passionately supported since being awarded a Fellowship in 2014, which was one of the most amazing professional experiences of my career so far. I’d really looking forward to helping to further develop the health and associate themes, and supporting new Fellows in any way I can. The unique approach of the Churchill Fellowship is exciting as the community of highly effective changemakers it has created, working on the frontlines of today’s key issues, will collectively contribute to developments in society which may lead to the further development of child safe communities with happy, healthy, and safe children and young people at their hearts. Those communities are the very foundation of a future society which will incorporate the very best of new ideas from around the world to develop new approaches to current challenges back here in the UK.”

Caroline Waters
CAROLINE WATERS OBE Download 'caroline waters'

Caroline Waters has a background in HR and transformation with 30 years’ experience as a senior executive in large and complex organisations. She has extensive experience in influencing governments and creating legislative change and routinely works with and advises policy makers. She was deputy chair of the UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission from January 2013 to January 2023 and is currently Vice President of Carers UK. Prior to that she was Director of People and Policy at BT.

Her work has been widely recognised with a range of awards including being voted one of the most influential HR practitioners by HR Magazine Excellence Awards 2015 and the HR Movers and shapers of 2018. Caroline has judged several prestigious diversity awards and was listed in the Shaw Trust top 100 Disability Power List. In 2010 she was awarded an OBE for her work on progressive human resources practice, diversity and equal opportunities.

Caroline says:

“I am truly honoured to join the Advisory Board of the Churchill Fellowship. As someone deeply committed to fostering positive change and advocating for equity, I see this as an opportunity to further contribute to building a more inclusive society. My background in HR and transformation, along with years of experience influencing policy and legislative change, will enable me to offer real insight and support to the Board. I am excited about joining my fellow panel memberships in supporting individuals on their incredible Fellowship journeys. The Churchill Fellowship’s commitment to knowledge sharing, innovation and impactful initiatives resonates with my own values and I am eager to help shape a future where diverse voices drive positive progress for all members of our society.”

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