New book from top photojournalist

New book from top photojournalist

The latest book by celebrated photojournalist and Fellow Nick Danziger (1982) is published today. Another Life features over 180 striking black-and-white photos that track the lives of ordinary people in the developing world over the past 10 years.

Another Life bookcover

Another Life is a collection of photographs that explore the issues facing women and children in eight of the world’s poorest countries. Nick began taking the photographs in 2005 when he was commissioned by the charity World Vision to visit eight countries and see how the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals were impacting people’s lives.

“Unless we tackle the root causes of extreme poverty, entwined with environmental destruction as they are, we will continue along the path of self-destruction.” – Nick Danziger

The Millennium Development Goals were set in 2000 by all 191 United Nations member states, with world leaders committing to combat poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women. Following Nick’s initial visit in 2005, he visited the same people again in 2010 and 2015, to interview and photograph them and document whether these goals had made a substantial improvement to their lives.

In Another Life, Nick thoughtfully tells the stories of those who are often marginalised and underreported, to give insight into some of the world’s most pressing issues. He finds that while the MDGs have had some impact, more work stills needs to be done.

Nick was awarded a Fellowship in 1982 and is now an advisory panel member at the Churchill Fellowship. As part of his Fellowship, Nick journeyed for 18 months from Europe to China. This sparked his passion for photojournalism, leading him to change career path from fine art painter to author, documentary filmmaker and photographer.

To date Nick has written three travel books and has won several documentary film awards, including the Prix Italia for his BBC video diary ‘War, Lives and Videotape', based on the children abandoned in Marastoon mental asylum in Kabul.

Another Life is now available to purchase on Amazon and Unbound from £32.50.


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