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Arts and culture

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This theme covers all aspects of the arts, crafts and creative industries, including their social, cultural and economic aspects. It is one of the eight universal themes which form our grantmaking framework and allow us to address every aspect of society. Fellows’ stories

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Fellows' updatesOctober 2021 Fellows' update: Jack Waygood

Blacksmith Jack Waygood (CF 2018) held an exhibition entitled The Fine Art of Blacksmithing, at Art and Craft Collective in Edinburgh this month. Jack’s Fellowship explored the traditions and working practices of blacksmiths, in order to educate others and formalise the profession.

By Jack Waygood, 2021

Fellows' updatesOctober 2021 Fellows' update: Chrissie Freeth

Tapestry weaver Chrissie Freeth’s (CF 2016) tapestry Song of the Woods has been shortlisted for the Cordis Prize this month. The tapestry was inspired by Chrissie’s Fellowship, which explored medieval tapestry techniques, and her work will be displayed as part of an exhibition at Inverleith House Gallery until 12 December.

By Chrissie Freeth, 2021