Our values

Our values


We empower individuals to learn from the world and transform lives across the UK. We provide knowledge and opportunity for the UK and promote collaboration worldwide. We believe in the potential of the individual for personal growth and public impact.

Fuad Mahamed stood on a stage giving a presentation to an audience
Fuad Mahamed (CF 2018) researched alternative approaches to refugee integration Download 'Our values_Fuad Mahamed.jpg'

We have developed a set of organisational values which are used to guide decisions and behaviours throughout the organisation. They are:


We welcome everyone who is working to benefit society into our community. We know there is strength in diversity and are committed to equity across all of our activities. We celebrate individuality and are proud to support people on their own terms.

Investment in people

We aim to empower everyone in our community. Our investment supports people to believe in their ability and achieve their potential. We believe the possibilities for development are unlimited and we invest in people who are dedicated to building a better society.


We recognise the importance of people and their potential. We place trust in the members of our community and their ability to utilise their expertise and knowledge. We value the opinions of others and create a positive environment for people to share.


We thrive on collaboration and supportive relationships. We continue to build our community and promote long-term partnerships and connections. We appreciate the importance of our networks and how these can contribute to change.


Our approach is to listen, learn and improve. We adapt to change and build on what we discover. We have a responsibility to learn from the world in order to improve society.

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