This is an area of enduring interest and commitment for us which runs through all of our grantmaking. Over the years we have funded hundreds of projects run by Churchill Fellows aimed at creating a more equitable society.

Geraldine Esdaille
Geraldine Esdaille (CF 2017, second from left) explored ways of providing culturally appropriate mental health services for black women Download 'Equity_Geraldine Esdaille.jpg'

The Fellowship is open to all UK adult citizens, regardless of their background, qualifications or age. We prioritise people and projects from under-represented and under-funded groups, and those who would not receive funding from other sources.

In the past five years (2016-20), 15% of our Fellows have come from minoritised racial communities, 10% were disabled, 10% identified as LGBTQ+ and 65% were women.

Here are four stories about Fellows' impact in this area:

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