Promote the Fellowship

Promote the Fellowship


We will be open for Fellowship applications from 4 September until 12 November. Can you help to spread the word about this life-changing opportunity?

You could do any of these:

  • Post on social media about this opportunity, with a link to this page of our website: Some standard wording you could use is shown below. Please use the hashtags #ChurchillFellowship and #ChurchillFellow.
  • Email friends and colleagues who might be interested.
  • Download an application flier from this website and forward it to people who might be interested. (You can download a general flier here or a themed flier from each theme page in this section - to be added soon.)
  • Mention this at events or meetings you are attending.
  • Request paper fliers for distribution at events or in your area. (You can request these from, stating your name, address and the quantity you would like.)
  • Engage with our posts on social media by liking and sharing.

Here is some wording you could use:

  • Apply now for a life-changing Churchill Fellowship and inspire the change you wish to see. Open to all UK citizens until 12 November 2024, #ChurchillFellowship @ChurchillFship
  • Discover new solutions for today’s key problems from the world’s experts, with a life-changing Churchill Fellowship. Apply now >
  • Have you ever wanted to make change happen in an issue you care passionately about? A Churchill Fellowship is a once in a lifetime chance to inspire the change you want to see. Apply now > #ChurchillFellowship @ChurchillFship

On social media

Please follow us on social media and engage in what we are posting from 12 September, using the hashtag #ChurchillFellowship. Our social media handles are:

  • Twitter: @ChurchillFship
  • Facebook: @ChurchillFellowship
  • LinkedIn: @Churchill Fellowship
  • Instagram: @churchillfellowship

About the Fellowships

Detailed information can be found here. FAQs for applicants are here.

In summary:

  • Who can apply: Churchill Fellowships are open to all UK resident citizens aged 18 or above, regardless of their background, qualifications or age. We are looking for people with the passion and potential to make a real difference to their community or professional sector, and we assess on future possibilities not past achievements. We prioritise those who would not receive funding from any other source. Details
  • What it's about: Fellowships cover practical topics in every area of UK life. They are structured around annual themes, plus an Open theme for everything beyond that range. We fund Fellows to spend two months meeting the innovators in their field anywhere in the world, in person or online. Then we help them to make a difference in their community or professional sector in the UK.
  • Travel or online: new this year is an option to conduct the international research phase of your Fellowship online, or as a hybrid of online and travel, as well as the traditional option of travelling the world to conduct your research.

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